Ductor EHR Released

Ductor EHR is one of cheapest, fastest and most secured EHRs (Electronic Health Record System) available in the world. The application was developed by taking comments, assistance and support from varies types of Doctors, who are involved in private practices. The application was personally demonstrated to doctors before it is available for public. For the launching event of Ductor EHR, doctors also participated.Ductor EHR promise to provide you more features in the upcoming releases.

Application was launched on 1st of June 2015 by Dr. (Mrs) P.L Kuruppuarachchi (Managing Director - Pannipitiya Nursing Home) and Dr. A.P Kuruppuarachchi (Director - Pannipitiya Nursing Home).

Director won 1st Runners up - MIT Global Startup Labs 2014

MIT Global Startup Labs is a startup accelarator program conducted by MIT - USA. It is a world wide program running in number of different countries, powering up startup companies. Mr. Yohan Weerasinghe, MD of The Ace Technologies (Pvt) Ltd participated to this program in year 2014, with an idea for a advance intruder detection software application. They presented the product "EagleEye" an advance intruder detection system which can clearly understand human movements from any other movements just by using cameras. This application opened a new dimension in computer vision technology by braking the barrier of "impossible".

The application managed to work in real time, supporting multiple cameras, maintaining best accuracy and running only in a normal personal computer. This invention introduced patentable technologies to the world; The technology of extreme fast real time human detection. It also ended up by being the first runners up of the competition.

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We moved to a new office space!

It is a pleasure to announce that we moved to a new office space! Our new office is at the 1st floor of Amity building, Maharagama. It is located at the starting point of Maharagama town, so it will be easy for you to find us.

Our new address is "L 1/1, No 125, Amity Building, High Level Rd, Maharagama, Sri Lanka".

"EagleEye" is now operating under us!

The computer vision product invented by Mr. Yohan Weerasinghe which won the 2nd place at MIT-Global Startup Labs 2014 is now completely operating under us. The purpose of this product is to accurately identify human intruders by identifying "human movements". The application can run almost in any good PC, and will use any kind of camera which can communicate with the computer as its "eye".

It is not so easy to achieve this task, so most probably we will end up by presenting extreme advance new technologies to the world and the biggest human detection image database you have ever seen!