Ductor EHR

Instant Records. Prevent Errors.

Ductor EHR is an electronic health record system designed specially for doctors who do private practices.

By being simple, fast, extremely user friendly and highly secured, Ductor EHR will help you to store all of your patient information online. You will no longer need books to maintain records, instead save them with Ductor and access them anywhere at anytime you want. Your patients will no longer have to repeate their illness everytime they visit you, because you already have the patient history with Ductor.

Ductor do not have unwanted styles, unwanted data traffic and so on, which can slow down your process. Instead, you will find your work just got boosted, and your patients will have smiles in their faces.

There are hundreds of good reasons to use Ductor. But, here are the key points.

  • Save patients information online and access them from anywhere you want.
  • Save every information including patient's illness, demography, allergies, vitals, counselings, varies types of history information and much more.
  • Not like manual file based system, Ductor provides extremely high security for the patients data.
  • Create sub accounts for receptions who will have permissions only to add new patients and manage the contact information of existing.
  • Create sub accounts for pharmacists who have permission only to view the medications and contact information of the patient.
  • Quickly access patient's any past illness, medicine etc.
  • Completely cut off the cost spent for form filling papers.
  • Reduce the patients waiting time, make them happy.
  • Since you have the records at anytime, your long term patients will not have to carry packs of files and books filled with records every time they visit you.
  • Print prescriptions as required by the recent Sri Lankan law.
  • After the first visit, patients will not have to repeat the same illness information again and again.
  • Improve the doctor - patient relaationship.
  • Use Ductor even with slow internet connections, it is a high speed application.
  • Enjoy the simplistic User Interface, it is there to provide what you really need at correct time.