Our smart solutions make your ideas
come true!

Simple-Stunning-Smart. Yeah, we make it like that. Whether it is our own product or whether it a customized software we developed for you, we always make sure you can use it easily and take your business to the next level.

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Innovation is the key

We are not just another tech company. Why? Because we don't have to be. We have the technology to search billions of database records in one second. In computer vision, we can identify human movements correctly. How? Because we have patentable technologies, innovated by our selves.

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Greatest Technology. Always.

Our products contain the latest and most advanced technologies in the software world. While giving you the most up to date content to run your business, we always make sure our applications are secured to protect your data.

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Innovative solutions delivering a product,
which includes tomorrow’s technology – already today!

Latest News

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Ductor EHR - Electronic Health Record System for Private Practicing Doctors

With Ductor EHR, doctors can maintain their patients information securely and efficiently, online.

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The Ace Tec EEVPMS - Employee Monitoring and Notification System

Our latest product release will help business owners to remember important employee activities without a hustle.

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"EagleEye" now operates under us

The startup winning great intruder detection product with highest computer vision tech, now operates under The Ace Technologies.

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Director won 1st Runners up - MIT Global Startup Labs 2014

The product `EagleEye`, new invention from Mr. Yohan Weerasinghe, won the 1st runners up at MIT Global Start-up labs 2014 - Sri Lanka.

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Our Story

We have different clients. But we have one best quality.

Through a combination of can do attitude and expertise in application development, we work together with clients of all sizes to create the apps that are truly ideal for them. With a varied client base including all sizes of companies, from Start-up to established enterprises, from local companies to foreign companies, we use the best technology in world and develop the best desktop, mobile, and web applications you can ever see. As a result of working with us you will soon realize that we develop your application keeping both you and your customers in mind. That is our unique strategy for making application for you, which can take your business into the next level.

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Our products

The Ace Tec EEVPMS

Our latest product release will help business owners to remember important employee activities without a hustle. You will never have to track when each an every employee's Visa is about to expire, when their driving license renew date is, because all of those will be handled by the application.

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DateCommons is a simple free and open source java API for developers. Everyday developers spend too much time on date operations, like calculating someone's age, converting java date to SQL date format and much more. Our API is designed to take out this trouble and enhance the productivity by simply calling a single method for common date operations. Will be available soon on Github.

Ductor EHR

Ductor EHR is an electronic health record system designed specially for doctors who do private practices. By being simple, fast, extremely user friendly and highly secured, Ductor EHR will help you to store all of your patient information online. You will no longer need books to maintain records, instead save them with Ductor and access them anywhere at anytime you want. Your patients will no longer have to repeate their illness everytime they visit you, because you already have the patient history with Ductor.

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